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Purple Shirt
Purple Shirt

Well peeps were asking for a pic of me in my purple shirt from Sat.. those who happen to have purple as their fave colour ;)

So here it is for full public view!


Not too bad today though finding that my left foot was swollen wasn't good. I had to go & elevate it for 20 or so to get the damn shoe on.. Needless to say the cat (NED in this case) settled on me.. His front paws in such a position that sudden movements were NOT advisable. Trust me.. when you've got 5 needle sharp claws so close to essentials you do NOT want to wind up their owner!
Damn thugish these cats!

Earlier night if poss tonight I think & then some exercise tomorrow if it keeps doing it.

Managed to get to the bank eventually.. THats the CC bills paid for another month!
Got to the library a little later after a cuppa & biccie

Supper,.. A peculiar mix of small pancakes salad, and small baked spuds..

I ended up eating:

A pancake with ham & mustard
A pancake with goats cheese, beefsteak tomato & salt & pepper (kinda a bruschetta pancake)
A cold chicken salad consisting, cold roast chicken, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, grated carrot, and mayo.. And a small roast potato

Then by way of dessert I had a final pancake with home made gooseberry jam..

I seem to get hungry in the evening!


Read a bit of email & chatted to Faye, E.. and Andy.. among others

Tired, but OK
gonna go & mebbe have a drink now and TRY for an early night


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