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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

FRIENDS ONLY journal, comment to be added, Welcome to Spring 2019
This journal is mostly FRIENDS ONLY,
You may read public entries, to read friends entries or be added please comment. LJ is FREE to sign up.Click to read moreCollapse )


Seriously considering coming back to Lj

As Facebook becomes worse trying to force you to dance in ways you don’t want to


I know some, many indeed went over to dreamwith but it seems to have no app

Unless supported by a multi blogger app

Merry Xmas and a happier 2019

Go fund me request

I wouldn't normally post one of these request, but I've known H for some years and as a great couple this would make their life easier, even a fiver would make a difference.


Many thanks


MacLocks UK - Possibly Good Products, unexpected costs!

MacLocks secure iPad/Laptop security review and views

As Apple in its wisdom, or idiocy have removed standard security cable supports from its devices, I still wanted to be able to tie secure my laptop to a desk. It seems most products include some sort of case based device, or link into the grill at the back of the keyboard.

I chose this:

The MacBook Pro lock from MacLocks http://www.maclocks.co.uk/mac-locks-macbook-pro-lock-macbook-air-lock-macbook-pro-retina-lock/macbook-pro-locks/the-blade-universal-laptop-lock-universal-tablet-lock-secure-bracket-with-universal-lock-slot.html

It looks like a good product, however despite the UK site, prices do not include shippping. Unless your buying more than one item you may well need to pay postage and packing and yes, wait for it. Import Duty! of an extra 17 pounds on a small, but hopefully useful product.

Its a .co.uk site, which ships you from abroad. I now have a tax bill from Fedex for VAT.

Avoid, http://www.maclocks.co.uk/mac-locks-macbook-pro-lock-macbook-air-lock-macbook-pro-retina-lock/macbook-pro-locks/the-blade-universal-laptop-lock-universal-tablet-lock-secure-bracket-with-universal-lock-slot.html or look for other products first.!

Political Harmony

What a song,  share, tweet!

Summer number 1


It´s been a long road, getting from there to here.

For some reason I felt like posting, after a year?  Maybe I should LJ more, and cut down on that stupid useful time consuming tool called Facebook!

So.  Life, goes on. Health is stable, its been a year since I've seen a doctor, and coming up 4 years since I met L

Dialysis goes on, and on, and on..  I'm damned with it, bar risking a risky transplant for the rest of my days, and don't get me wrong. That sucks.. Big time. But I'm alive! Healthy? Err probably, Sane? Debatable..

So, I'm looking, we're looking, L and I are looking for a 3 bed accessable property in Shropshire, ideally Telford.  SO, we can live laugh, and be together, and be a fecking couple! A bungalow would be nice?

Does the rental market favour us, hell no.  Thanks to the Smelly Dail, and certain Channel 4 programs, anyone on the sligthest bit of benefit is obviously a pot smoking, drinking ASBO loving load of no goods who aren't worth the time of day.  Thank you British Media.

Why don't you do the program on the 2 intelligent crips, or random age differences, looking for somewhere to live, keep decent health and maybe do a few arty crafty gardening things, listen to a bit of music and socialise and get involved in the local comminty!.  Probably not contraversial enogh to get the viewers eh.

Anyway, I may be back  Intermittently.  Prost!

April 1st Streatham Common Kite Day

Come along and ENJOY! :)

A fun day for all:)
The 14th Streatham Common Kite Day will be on 1st April 2012 from 11.00am to 5.00pm. We will be featuring:
Carl Robertshaw – world champion kite flyer
Brighton Kite Fliers – with their large display kites
Team Spectrum – now back at full strength with Carl having recovered from his knee injury
The Highwaymen will have their stall and will be selling kites and anything kite related.
The 13th was probably the best Streatham Kite day ever. We had wonderful weather, the wind was good (enough) and we had very large crowds - maybe as many as 5,000 people over the course of the day. Sky Symphony put on three great shows, Carl Robertshaw flew some amazing solo routines, the trick flyers were great to watch and Andrew Beattie flew a large Manta, Tiger, Teddy…and Bob Colover flew for the first time in the arena.

Easiest way is overground from Victoria.

World Kidney Day
Well World Kidney Day (clashing with International Womens Day) has been and gone.
Browsing across facebook I see far too many Patients Associations holding events IN hospitals, Near Dialysis centres. The whole point of World Kidney day is to spread awareness, not preach to the converted. Organisations that have oomph and moolah are the ones you see on the High Street, In large shopping centres (Malls).
Don't get me wrong, those that DO do with excellent effort, sweat and tears, and good intent. However it seems to me that bursting out of the bubble and spreading the word, HITTING the media HARD, and possibly even changing the date! MAY spread more awareness.
Watch the Video
As the school report says. Could do better.

Maynard Arms Pub Crouch End
The AP's and I decided to try out the recently redecorated (in dark black and grey) Maynard Arms pub, in Crouch End for lunch. Relaunched in their own words as a Gastropub, probably a word soon to be retired, and not for the better IMO
Part of Realpubs one cannot really agree with their statement.

Changes to the Menu, in a word, cheffy, gone is the regular burger and chips choices or fish and chips. Much more goats cheese, pricy fish. Perhaps they've given up hope, with weatherspoons at the other end of the road and a plethora of competition nearby, so decide to stick to a pretentiously classier menu.

The table we sat at was sticky, and even the wood block platter, my ciabatta was served on still had signs of a previous meal, thankfully on the side.

Add a cheeky un annouced 12.5 percent service charge and it would be easy to run up a LARGE bill. Puddings for instance are around 5 quid a go.

Finally, there's no sign of disabled access (unless they have a folding ramp) best to ask first. High ceilings also make it hard to talk, esp with a large party in, and service seemed to latch, a little. Heaven help those with hearing aids! The disabled loo however does seem to be there.

Prob good for a pint and a packet of crisps or a once in a while special outing, otherwise, better places to eat drink and be merry:) Or if your a lottery winner:)

Spread the Word New Young NKF group launched
I'm delighted to announce, pounce and spread the word that the Young NKF group has been started. Currently just a page on Facebook, it hopes to be a meeting place for young kidney patients in the UK (and possibly around the world)

Spread the word:)
Young National Kidney Federation