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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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2012? and roses
Yesterday I reminded Maggie, the sister at the Unit that I am doing a morning session. Dialysis is OK, the unit is not yet the 'ideal dialysis unit I designed several years ago.. Maybe one day my dream will come true. I think a dialysis garden, with an old dialysis machine with a fountain and some potassium free crisps (chips to the US).
I had stir fry for supper.

Sunday Today I planted 3 roses, all in dark colours,
I will post th images later, or I may have already posted them, I don't remember.
There is no such thing as a black flower, only very deep colors (which makes black)
They are in a large pot in the back garden at the moment until I can choose a place for them. While we were potting them, Mr Robin came to see us a give a chirp or 2 :) very friendly birds, robin's.
Lunch.. I think there may be a chicken hanging about some where. But for lunch I had 2 cheese, ham, gerkin and mustard sandwiches (you can puke later:))

I think I'm gonna suck a mint and spend some time in my bedroom and get the gun under the bed LOL ;)