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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Aspartame = I'm scared Not such a bad day

I think I may die after this link.. It's a sad story:(

Fairly productive day.. I planted up the roses I bought last year, they arrived a few days ago, and I planted them in a pot today.
I've got the details but I ordered Rhapsody in Blue

Deep Secret

and another I can't name tho looking at the website I think I might be odering a Black Prince later in the year..

Tidied, cleaned dusted and polished some parts of my bedroom ready for the weekend.

I need to do the desk and the house was vacuumed 2 weeks ago,
I wish my mum would let a cleaner in :(

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Lovely colours on the roses hun ... will chat later about the story.



Oh sooo lovely colours my fav flower roses after all red rose of Lancashire eh? :D for a Lancashire lass - me :D heheh
Nice to think about spring..
Have a good day speak soon

bye for now :D best wishes Elaine :D

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