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2 photos, 1 place & some time.
I have a slight interest in Local History..

Here are 2 photos of my locale. one taken at the late 1800's or early 1900's the second taken more recently in April 2005.

I find it fascinating to see what HAS and hasn't changed.

Crouch End Early 19 or late 18 century
Crouch End Early 19 or late 18 century
Looks like a sunny day. :) Straw boaters & summer blouses & the odd umbrella seem to be the order of the day. Many more bikes (bicycles would have been 'newish' then.) Singer's is 'probably' the sewing machine shop (although could be a cafe? There is still a Singer shop in nearby Muswell hill) A couple of mothers or nanny's with prams seem to have stopped for a chat outside.

Traffic as we know it seems non existent with only a horse & cart or carriage in the LH side of the photo. Most of the building are almost as they are today.

Crouch End Current Day

Current day Crouch end.
LOTS more traffic. Endless street furniture. (those damn poles!!)
The old GRAY's Tyre's building (now an eaterie) in the distance of Park Road middle lane can be seen still, minus its peaked roof & chimney pots but still displaying its brick 'poster' of advertising/promotion
Of course dress style is increasingly changed.. Hats are infrequent :)


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