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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A long day
Weel I was off to dialysis after the last post.
Dialysis went OK, but because of last time I intentionally didn't have my second drink (maybe a bit stupid)
All went smooth and after going to the loo for a piddle I was 100ml down .
Got home. 2 small cups of tea and a ??? I can;t think when I'm washed out..

Seems like some positive things have come from various speaks, so thats good.
Luckily we only had slight hassle with the prescription although we were supposed to be picking up the meds today it will be * and better**** ** Be or I will blow th ****** ****** *** :)
Pancakes for supper as it's Shrove Tuesday. not very religious but its a excuse to make pancakes. Did Christ eat pancakes:??

Wondering if the Strawberry & Potato barrels are actually gonna be productive but a few more wall baskets and take the execs strawberries

I must sleep.