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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Been a long day, mainly shopping. We decided we needed a new answering machine as the old ones messages are hard to hear.
Reserved from Argos online and picked up later.. A nice way to shop. We almost ended up with half the items as I'd decided to ass a second lot of stuff and a second order number..
Luckily we were fast enough to stop the post it that had the order number's on.
Portable hairdryer, new shave, a universal travel plug and a new shaver/or is it razor..??
The decided to do a little shoe shopping, Needed some new trainers as the old ones were literally falling apart.
Off back home for a sandwich. Easing off on the cheese . NO chocolate today Maybe none tomorrow:( Although I was surprised when the pizza for supper was one with mushrooms on. I shall take the phosphate leaflets down and leave them in the dining room. I should have done this before, when i got them.
Had an apple cake/pie type thing.. apples are OK and also pears(I think) I need to check on this one. The pie was nice tho not to home made standards.

When shopping also bought a maglite 'solitaire' which is the smallest maglite you can get. Very bright..

Gonna end this now.. gnight folks.. The weekend cometh and its gonna be great,

By the way, keep warm its cold here -4