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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Holiday Confirmed, & May the first Kite Fest.
Well the holiday's have been confirmed, we depart on the 8th which is Monday. We are flying from Luton & my brother will come over the night before so we can all depart together.
I'm a bit nervous about dialyising at the Menorca unit. I don't seem to have found any recent reports about it.
Fucking viruses.

Strange thing about the insurance is that when dad phoned up the company seemed to have a full list of my medical details.. Is this legal?? I thought 3rd parties were only allowed to access medical history on consent??

Well I've since found out it is, as insurance companies share info. Rather scary really.
Fucking viruses.

This weekend has been cancelled. Painfully but sensibly.. F has a virus, and that's something I don't need at the moment, but on the other hand I've got a sore throat and a bit of a headache...

Fucking viruses.
It's just chance that I happen to be immune suppressed and so the risk of infection.

Hopefully we'll be be well enough by easter, or for the kite fest on the first of May
Fucking viruses.

I feel a bit washed out today, not just from the shock and stress..

I'm hoping music will make me feel better.

Still thinking about my will, what I want to happen with my funeral ( yes folks its gonna happen some day.
Also need to transfer some moola into my triodos account.. and mebbe buy a few shares:) Do you think Apple is gonna go bust:)??

Firfox is playing up.. won't let me into KPG.. tho exporer works fine *shrugs* oh well. I get 404 when I try to use it:(