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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Did AM hdx today. It went OK.. See previous posts for reason why I did a morning...
Think it was me who left the Ford interior light on, thing is we have such bright streetlights, that I think, with postdialysis tiredness I forgot to turn it off.

Helped him this afterrnon reving the 2CV to jumpstart the Ford.

I feel frisky... I don't know why.. Maybe its the spring.. Even the cats are giving a little sniffle to each other a lot of the time..

Diealysis went OK.. doing an AM is OK I slept I think for a good hour. Toast and jam or marmalade was available which I didn't know.. (May have been told but didn't remember.)

Reading back though some of the cards and letters I realised how much people care about me. The worst thing is not knowing who the are and how much I chatted with them before August 05..

Off to my brothers in Guildford tomorrow.. I have some greenhouse catalogues for him and he has some root trainers for me to pick up.. It will be good to see him.. I'm happy to have such caring brothers.

Saturday Afternoon

After sorting the car out.. Dad is thinking of a new car, would u believe it. Possibly a a Diahatsu Cherade

Went to the pharmacy to check on my tablets, Renagel, Turns out we were owed some,. It's very expensive so getting 3 months supply in is a lot for a small chemist.

That's all folks:) I love you all:)
Question.. How does one find new friends.

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I've sent you an email with a couple of websites :)

Chat laters

I haven't got an email...:(//

I've got an email now.. I have no idea what em I used to regiter tho.

:) Glad you for the email .. I sent you a message so I'm guessing it's either your hotmail one or your family one (@warham).

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