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"Fools may become wise"

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The afternoon
Busy'ish afternoon.

Some emails, little bit of web work, chasing admin of drug rx's and sorting out my ICSC stock.. most of the 10 boxes as stashed away under the bed now.

Also posted a quote request to:
as he doesn't seem available via email & I want to place an order.

Supper was pork loin, brown rice & spinach.. Very nice tender pork.. The cat obviously thought it smelt very good too.. It begged like crazy for some!

Other than that.. just chatting.. noodling along.. sorting pics here & there..

I got my newest Frantics CD at the weekend.. If you haven't heard of them think 'Canadian Goon Show' the difference being the frantics are alive & kicking.

You can visit them and download a few routines as mp3's at:

Superb stuff.

Ciao for now..


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