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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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After dialysing Sat morning it was nice to think that I had an extra day's worth of time.. THe good thing is I feel OK.. I think if I had no kidney function remaining that I would feel worse. A nice Chrsistopher LLoyd pork stew recipe for supper on Saturday (or was it friday..??) it's lovely.. Had it with baked potatoes.
It was good to stay the day with my brother on Sunday.. I think he appreciated it as he lives alone, and doesn't have much of a social life.(that we know of) Nice Had to go out to the local Sainsbury's, to get some rice as I didn't want to have spuds again ( too much potassium) also ended up getting some biscuits and..?? I don't know.
Sunday roast together, roast chicken, backed with bacon on top in (one of) the usual ways. Fruit pie.. took too long to cook.. he is gonna take the box back to Sainsbury's. We've also picked up a couple of root trainer propagators that we ordered with him
After tea we had a Spongecake.
Well it went OK not that much stuff going on..
In the Afternoon we took our B&W laser printer to a HP dealer to be repaired. Incidentally this was near the Royal London which is one of my main hospitals. I think it may be me that caused the problem.. too much paper on top of the printer .. Oppps
It's gonna cost £70 plus VAT plus whatever time and parts it takes to repair it.

Oh well.. I'll remember to put a sign on it when it comes back.
Dad has also finally fitted the second waterbutt to the down pipe in the back garden, which means when we get a decent bit of rain, we will have more water for the plants... Particularly as in April a hosepipe ban is going to come into efect again.

Jobs.. WIll I ever be stable enough to get a decent job.
Most of the stuff I've done is voluntary work. The paid job I had was about 3 - 6th months long and completely wore me out..
I've enquired at a 2 days a week gardening job in N Yorskshire, but I get the impression from the add that its an unpaid return job.
I really liked the look of a training professional job (Eleven grand)in Oxford botanical gardens, but this again I'm not sure I am fit enough to cope with it as 'full time minus my dialysis days..)..
Its the sort of thing I really like to go for but I have , I guess, to be realistic.. irritating tho it is.. and leave it until I feel good.
At times this situation really PISSES ME OFF
Anyway, got to get some stuff sorted for this afternoons dialysis session TATA for now