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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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The printer prints again
Ok ok, I know that was crap...

The printer is repaired tho.. it seems to sound a bit rougher but so far its working fine..
We picked it up, in the pouring rain. Luckily enough the company is smart enough to wrap it's stuff in plastic.. No worries there. Wheeling along with a trolly that I purchased from machine mart some years ago for doing things exactly like that..
I think in the future we will either need to get them delivered, josh will come round, or I am gonna have very strong tough muscles.. Those things are HEAVY
Traffic on the way back was a bit heavy so I've had my lovely london dose of exhaust.. at least its not so bad with rain.. the summer's gonna be fun.. I wonder if Oxygen prices will go up??

I'm a bit P''d off with the lack of food planning in this house supper is left till late.. It s OK but irritating.. I don't have the energy at that time in the evening to chop, slice cook etc....
§i think it might be a wet out supper..
**SHRUGS** I shoulda gone for that unpaid job in a caravan in Yorkshire :p Blagh

Bleagh Bleagh Bleagh Bleagh Bleagh Bleagh Bleagh Bleagh Bleagh Bleagh

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I told you ... whip them into action on the food front ;) You know I would :p

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