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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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another day
Not too bad a day... may be off to Royal London to get bloods done, for cyclosporin level, after this they will be done at Whips to..

Dialysis went smoothly.. more or less. was a bit , in fact VERY annoyed that mum gave me sandwiches of cheese and peanut butter (not together) due to the fact I am trying to drop my phosphate..

I screed up the two sarnies and gave them to my dad,,
Call me a selfish brat if you want.
Supper we had pasta with white sauce.. It did have mushroom in but only 3.

It was quite nice.. I think I might have a late dessert

Moody a bit still I think it will ease.. It might just be a bit of the old meningitis again..
Or the weather.. Had a rumble of thunder at the unit day.. r

Thats all really, may be off the the RL at whitechapel.. prob get some batteries from www.kvjfairdeal.com as that is where there store is located Very reasonably priced batteries CD's Memory cards and sticks etc for everything..