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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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It's been a not bad day,..
I'm still alive, still in love..

Got out fairly late.. it is sunday after all.
Went off to the allotments.. It was good there.. nice and fresh and great to out with the weather..
I got a text later in the morning to say that it was snowing in Yorkshire..
Now surprise although it has snowed on my birthday in May!!

I've had a close look at the potato & strawberry barrel's
They are not quite what I expected them to be.. More of a flexicard made reddish..

It's a test but I don't think I'd buy them again.
Grabbed a Pizza for lunch.. Afternoon was relaxed.. Tried to do a bit of work but it wasn't that successful Monday it may kick off a bit.

Will be off Monday to get my bloods taken, and although I said I'd not spend any money this month, I am gonna have to , get some out for batteries (my mouse power is dropping as I type.) and maybe a few bits and pieces for gifts/Xmas & birthdays..!!!!!!!

I'm on the lookout for groovy light and reflective things, since I worked out how to make a disco light with a holographic card & a dance light..:D

Gnight all.