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Monday, the day before toosday
been an OK day
Normal . off to Whitechapel AM to get a blood test.. After this it's gonna be at Whipps Cross, but in some ways is a pain in the arse as that is where I get batteries from, at KVJfairdeal.KVJ Fairdeal Decided that it was best to stop at the Star Cafe.. our Favorite.. I had a Very nice chicken burger with fries & succumbed to a coke (their OJ is not so great.) I shall miss it, but. as it's worth going there for batteries, if I get my oyster travel card it will be even better.. Whitechapel is a great place to shop.. lots and lots of clothing shops, electrical & gadgetry, and a great mixed community although it is dominantly Muslim.
Some of the fruit & veg on the stores there fascinates me & I am very tempted to grab a load & take it & appear on Ready Steady Cook.. See what they make of the weird things...

This afternoon was a bit of light shopping for the evening dinner, toad in the hole.. most enjoyable.. no dessert but I think I shll go and eat a late night snack of an apple.

I also gained two more new skills today, I managed to use both Bluetooth, and the infrared port on my mobile phone:) so now I have all the images that I have taken with my dog, on my PC using bluetooth.
I managed to print out 1 image using infrared.:)
I also found out that my beloved woman has lost a decent amount of weight.. :)

I'm proud of you chicken.. Keep it going..

Gnight all


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