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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Fucking Strawberry Barrel
An idiotic lack of description is what I'd describe it as..

The strawberry & spud barrel are going back.. If I want to spend money on too large chunks of corrugated card I will.
But not something thats got a ridiculous setup and an error in the manufacturing process. There are back in the boxes and I am gonna arrange to send them back tomorrow.
The strawberries have been potted.. All 22 of them. The spuds I think will have to go to the plot.. At the moment they are chitting.

Usual dialysis routine... If I can find out IF Ing is coming down, then I may swap to a morning.. Otherwise I shall just have to spend some time with her. we've been friends for so long that its good to meet up. As she shares a lot of my interests we can have a good chat:D

That's all folks.. go chase a bunny rabbit