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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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(no subject)
Pretty boring day at dialysis. Except perhaps a bit of a bleed when I came off (hidden in his coat is a red right hand!)
A touch of the blues really.
Vikki is up the other end and Zen had done a morning, I didn't really have anyone to talk to except Mr Chowdry.. He's a nice guy but I can't work out what he's trying to say half the time.. A lot of unauthorized sign language in use LOL
I came off a bit dry.. THey haven't updated my dry weight on my sheet.

We had the usual things onthe way home..
What's for supper..
I suggested soup, which is unusual for me cos of the fluid restrictions, but as I was dry & its freezing cold you need a winteresque dish:) Leek & mushroom it was, with a bit of spud & courgette added. & cream!
Ing isn't coming this weekend. She;s not really in a comfortable state to travel ,:( but we'll meet up soon :D
Off to bed in a bit.. I've ordered some Bokashi from wiggly wigglers,
Its a bacteria which speeds up composting quickly.. I've got my own test of fertiliser this year, which may come to a good thing IF it works

Tata for noooo
I'm sure there's more things I keep meaning to post but don't remember