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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Long day
It seems a long time since I posted, only this morning..
The CD's that I wanted to add to my iPod worked OK ON the ipod, and listening to CD 2 from F etc was nice..
Now I've worked it out I am sure I will add a hell of lot more and delete the crud stuff in time.

Dialysis went OK.. apart from annoying woman who really should be in acute, continually wanting to got to the toilet. Acute won't accept her.. You would think as its the same hospital they'd have some decency , but a case of 'its not my department still is present.'
A bit of a bleed post, on the A.
blood stains on my trousers.. I will change them
Dutch meatballs with, boiled potatoes and green beans..
I didn't have dessert, but may have a nibble in a bit,.. AFTER my Shower which is defiantly due..