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"Fools may become wise"

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Update update.. A BIG THANK YOU to lots of people
Sat went as normal.. can't remember what happened in afternoon yday... just routine stuff..

I need to got to the bank tomorrow.. I think I may have balled up direct debit transaction from the account that don't have my main money in.

Today usual AM,
In the afternoon I want to the Classic Car & Bike SHow
@CV GB won the 'best stand of the show award..
I'll upload some photo;s later.. It;s cool.
pics of cars will also be uploaded. Some of the images are of engines to email to my nephew, whose taken on studying car mechanics. A few are of Ally Pally's glass window. I think I shall have these made as clear window stickers, it's so beautiful.
On the way back I took some shots of our yellow, PURPLE & white, crocuses.
I'd used mums camera, which by the end was full. Took me a while to work out how to upload. She'd taken an early night so no point asking.
I've lost the images off my L'espion camera..When WILL I learn not to take the battery out. It didn't seem to want to download tho:( so..
Should have my new kodak soon!!
Its my own fault.. It won't store without a battery!
Also uploaded some of my own images. in this batch I think hers (lots of moody outdoor landscape_) are better than mine!!!!
Gnight all
Big HUgs to you all


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