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It seems forever..
Not sure whats for supper, but it's cooking.

Spent a large part at the end of yesterday, installing my new camera
Kodack Easyshare V530

It's black, not silver or red.

Misplaced the power charger so I thought it hadn't come with one..
Found where I put it, late at night!! Felt like a right fool.
It seems to be charged up..
Got a tripod also.. I have a 'freebie' mini tripod that came with a magazine but it's ages since I had one..
I have some old lenses that I think I will sell to cover the costs of this camera.
Unless a new SLR takes the same lenses..
That's away in the future tho.
I't got a large screen but no viewfinder.. which, in certain light may be a problem, but based on the reviews.
I shall be trialling it in the next few weeks,,
I also purchased a 'universal camera battery charger..' Which will com in handy if other pople have different batteries..
Or at least it will when I work out how to use it..
Thats it for now..
More later:D


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