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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Long Weekend
It's gonna be a long weekend, I posted today's activities briefly in damned_dialysis The meeting went fine.. tho LOooong.. and I sweated like hell.. to warm for my liking..
It's a bit weird doing a morning when you usually dialyse of an afternoon. Still managed to crawl out this morning, good considering I didn't hit the sack until around 2ish. I did catch up on dx with a few hours sleep before the meeting.
The meeting went OK.. I thought I had all the info so didn't pick up papers on registration.. I think I missed some things like the conference location which this year is at the Grange Hotel in Chesford, which is not far from Coventry..
I've realised I've made a ballsup in my other entry.. not sure if its worth editing..
Josh is visiting this weekend which will be nice.
Mum seems to have aquired a bike & 2 LARGE teady bear stuffed toys.. She said she would put them in the washing machine.. they're too big
THey ended up in the batch. Which was great when I came to have a shower later.. BLEAGH.. Mothers!!
She does like the flowers tho.. & I need to find the wrapping paper to wrap the CD's
I\s supper time.. Part of which smells like brocolli..

Adios Amigo's