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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Sun, Mon, Tue Wed
The weekend,,
My brother Josh, came down over the weekend, & stayed till Tuesday afternoon. Its always good to see him,
He's taking extra time off just to spend a bit of time at his house to tidy things up a bit.. On Monday we went to Wood Green, I'm in surch of a mini staler that don't have stupid designer curves on it.. bloody stapler manufactures.!!
I did buy 2 packs of coloured
staples (the blue ones match with the NKF stall, & some weird patterned ones.. Maybe to use for letters to friends:D or something
Also purchased.. its hard to describe but it holds a bag open for you when you are gardening & need to put the waste, clippings etc in.
It's one of the gadgets thats gonna be useful.. Mum already has one.
Mum decided to go off to the allotment for a large part of Mothers day,,, not sure why,, in the end Josh went up to see if she was OK! LOL
We had the usual roast..
Dialysis went OK ,, I thought I'd feel worse after a stretched weekend, but I fel fine.. About 2 kilo's to remove..

Went to the plot to inspect & photograph the rubbish pile at the second gate area.. The council says it will take 12 hours to clear it..
2 hours for a team of 2 men at most.

I may aim to take a shot of one of the school-kids that I saw smashing a green wine bottle across the road.. He has a distinctive brown coat & hear so I can ID him.
NOT that the police will probably be bothered.
Time for lunch now methinks