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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Update on a Friday
The morning was pretty dull, but
Dialysis as usual in the afternoon, God it was HOT in there.. Everything went OK tho. Watched some TV, but when they changed channels (didn't ask ME,, I LIKE Scooby Doo! I think if the weather stays or is warm like this it's gonna be shorts & a blanket (if the aircon at the unit does it's overdrive thing & I'm sat under the vent..)
Listened to one of the Tune's from Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure..
In Time robbie robb Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventu 5:10 This is a song which makes my hairs stand up:D Actually several of my songs & Mush & Stuff are excellent.. Metallica's Hero of the day..:D

F is quite right in saying one of them is from Kiss.. 'God Gave Rock & Roll to You'

Well we decided to go out for supper. I had Spanohopiita Which is pastry stuffed with Spinach & Feta Cheese its not really a pie, just folded over pastry..
Defined on Answers.com as:
Greek spinach pie made with layers of phyllo and a filling of seasoned spinach, onions and scallions, feta, and sometimes eggs. THen the cheesecake.. Followed by the fruit,
I was just a little stuffed.
F stayed up to 10:30 to talk to me.. (you should sleep.) but I know I need to chat EVERY day..
I'm still looking in to going to F's Birthday
An original idea was to transfer to a satellite unit close to Skipton & dialyse for 3 sessions.. It looks like the possibility of this is low.. But only time will tell. There may be an option closer to the day.
THere looks like there may be some wind today.. So if there no rain (wich there may be) I shall go fly a kite:D

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Ahh ... In Time ... yeah, it's a fantastic song :)

Sod sleep ... needed to chat last night and it did me good. Thanks *hugs*

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