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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A bit of pruning
I don't think I'm anemic.. but I feel washed out..
Not like the stir fried shit of anemia but bit low..
Gave dad a bit of a hand with the conifer hedge out back..
Mum has taken both clippers to the allotment & not brought them back.
I don't have the energy above the level of my right arm .. the flow of my fistula causes problems.. It really Pisses me OFF
I woke up this morning thinking I had fluid on.. now I feel dry..
I'll be OK just gonna take it easy
Prob something to do w I stayed up last night watching a movie.. found out it went to 1:30
Listeniong to comedy always' makes me smile..
The Racoon Startler job application always makes me grin:D:D
I'm gonna grab some shortbread.. I think my blood sugar may have dropped.