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"Fools may become wise"

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It's Tuesday tomorrow.
WEl its been an interesting day,.. sort of
I didn't think I'd be hacking away at a large Buddlia (they are considered weeds & Pests in some parts of the world.) I love Buddlia's, they are great for butterflies, but this one is rather too large.. Plenty of opportunity to take cuttings..
I REALLY REALLY hope the cutting which is now a plant gets bigger so I can take another cutting or 2.. I want to let it grow a year or 2. It is EXCEEDINGLY Special to me as I took it at Sara's house the first time I visited.
I don't know what the house or garden looks like. Does it still have chickens.. probably not. I could DREAM of a house like that.
I would guess that its been changed, refurbished, or is it derelict Does anyone want to live in a house where a young woman lived a short life then died. Do they KNOW!
I guess, people.. that in a way, I still feel guilt.. I know it will never go away, if I had been stronger,.. more mature, would I have stayed with her and kept her alive.? I wouldn't be where I am now if I had.
Maybe these thoughts mean nothing, maybe they mean everthing.
I want to post some images from my gallery, but I don;t know how to do it.
I may keep them private.
Should I care.
A semi half moon is peering at me through the window. it's nealy ip & it will be fill on the 14th.


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