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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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So I've just read a post, I feel I have some hope, and all is not lost,
My previous post may seem a bit... words can't explain it.
Anything is OK in small amounts .. as long as you are aware of any potential side effects. Live is a risk, what level a person plays is up tot he individual.
Good morning:D

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Hi Jim

You're right-- most people are aware of the risks in things they do, but choose to ignore them.

Personally I love coke, but don't drink it cos of the stupidly high sugar content.. seems the only way to get my fix is through the diet version. Who knows if this is better, or just as bad. Anyway, I don't drink it that much, maybe 3 times a week.
I fully know that there's loads of cr*p in it that probably isnt doing me any favours, but I think ... heck lifes too short to worry about every single thing I put in my body- also heck, everything has something in it, unless you go totally organic, back to the land type.

Keep posting! I enjoy your musings

Hi Jen

So glad someone agrees that life is too short to think about everything that's put into your body :) You wouldn't eat or drink anything if you really thought about things ... maybe it's just the way I've been brought up.


I personally wouldn't touch it with a bargepole, I wouldn't have it in my fridge, I woouldn't let my kids drink it.
THere are ways of managing a diet. Healthy eating is one. No one says anyone has to drink either coke or diet coke, but if you do, as with any food, be are of the consequences.
I only drink 3 times a week. thats 51+ litres a year. calculate that over 20 years.. or more.

I'm glad you enjoy my musings.. keep the comments coming

A little of what u fancy cant be too bad 4 u ;)-
stress of sometimes not having what you really enjoy can perhpas cause as much distress if not more!

all in moderation cheers! errr with my diet pepsi! :p ;)

best wishes Elaine :D

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