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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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I've cross posted what happened to me on dialysis in Damned Dialysis
Because I think it belongs there, perfectly.. on the ecceeding personal side of me,,
Here's The post

After I nearly Crashed yesterday on dialysis I really hadn't thought about the impact on others who don't know dialysis. It brought me to thinking of all the slang that is used in medical terms.
Glossary/list of kidney/renal slang

The link above explains a lot of the terms but does not include the term 'Crash' when it comes to heaemodialysis patients. It is the main reason that haemo patients MUST have someone with them at ALL times whilst dialysing.

Explains what dialysis is all about.

the link below.. well really sums up a lot of what happened yesterday.. Michael really gives a great description of what happens, and how it is controllable very quickly.

By Michael Fraase
Thursday, 28 December 2000 06:50PM CST
Section: ESRD

Last night I experienced my first dialysis crash. I developed severe cramps in my legs and hands. When I stood up to relieve my leg cramps, my blood pressure dropped more than 50 points in a matter of seconds and I almost passed out. I felt like I was uncontrollably falling into a deep, dark, bottomless hole. I recovered quickly enough but it left me shaken for several hours. Crashes are relatively common in dialysis patients, but this was my first.

The dialysis staff did nothing wrong to cause the crash; if I hadn’t been talking to one of the nurses at the onset of the crash—and if she hadn’t responded as quickly as she did—it could have been a lot worse.

My legs cramp during most every dialysis run and I figure it’s just part of the disease. The cramps are very painful but they pass after a minute or so. Cramps are a result of pulling so much fluid from my body so quickly. For me, between 4 and 5 kilograms of fluid are removed from my body over a period of 4 hours during each dialysis run. The process almost always leaves me exhausted and disoriented.

As a result of all of this I find myself vacillating between fear and anger. Fear of what might happen and anger at what has. Even worse, I worry continually about how all of this impacts my wife, Karen. Just when I think I’ve gotten a handle on how to deal with this disease, something happens like a whack on the head to make me aware that I haven’t a clue.

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Stretched weekends [04 Apr 2006|09:08pm]


DId a stretched weekend of dialysis this weekend. That is.. Dialysing a Sat afternoon then a Tue's morning.. THis time , it wasn't my choice.
I nearly "crashed" about halfway through.. not usual for me, but I had 3 litres total to deal with. I came off a little higher than intended. I feel OK physically, mentally not sure but thats a private sensitive matter. I am gonna lets whats needed pass & be done.