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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Lots of posts today, lots of thing, small things.. happening..
This morning was fairly normal..
THis afternoon was a lot more productive..
Went with dad to Brent Cross.. he wanted to get some new clothing.
I remembered that APPLE had launched an Apple Store in the centre so I went in search of it..
All I can say is... You have to see it to belive it.. It is very... APPLE!!

Had a good look round, shufti at the Mac Mini's the Powerbooks and the new iMacs!! Oh, our friend the iPod.. I love it cos all the software is on dislpay, you can mess with it..
A few iMacs have GarageBand with an Audio Keyboard (Piano) COOL it is..

All in All a good day of APPLE!

There is some suggestion that we get Dad a BD present of a computer.. its gonna be late tho as the BD is on SUNDAY!!!!!

Found out that what I thought was an old printer is in fact a small colour scanner..
Once I've found the software for it It will go the the computer charity or on EBAY, or 'ad'ed' in the library. Also checked out my other external CD Drive.. works, just needs switching on, I also have a plug in floppy drive that works fine..
I just need to find the 'LaCie External hard drive that I have hanging around somewhere