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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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That CAT!!! The Cat of Many Names, Getenbi, Ned, Midnight
First, a bit about the Cat With Many Names, he was originally owned by a couple who lived acrss the road from us, who then moved to Highate. which is a couple of miles from us.
He then came back to our street. He was taken back again, eventually he was taken in together with another cat Cleopatra by an actor friend of ours called Brian Torfeh Founder of the Reduced Shakespeare Company

Please go and see one of Bryan;s gig's You'll never see Shakespeare or the USA in the same way.. EVER
Anyway.. following on for Ned.. He lived with the lived with people across the street, and he lived with us.. He owns the street, he is a Charmer, charming Sharon the postie, builders, brikkies, and the neighbors.
Now for the EVENT!!

Can you BELIVE it
After supper mum wanted to go to the Allotment to light the stove as frost is forecast. This is at a bit after 8 pm.. a night lit by streetlamps & a halfmoon. So we went off, me & mum, me with a very small torch, a lighter and a mum with a box of box of matches.
We also had a cat!
I kide ye NOT ladies and gent's
That cat followed us, up the road, across the road, through the gate, and to the greenhouse, before we got there.. Mum then opened the greenhouse door and he shot into the greenhouse!!! He wasn't too keen on the smell there so he came out!
He sniffed about a bit whilst trotting, his tail going up high as tho he was gonna spray (he can't poor fella)
He then followed us ALL the way back to our house. He was gonna lurk further outside our house, but mum persuaded him that supper was a good idea..
I have NEVER, come across a cat like this!!
Have YOU ever met a cat like this..
This post is gonna be copied to Ingrid's blog because I know you like cats Ing..!!

We have no idea what Getenbi, or is it Jetenby, means.. I believe it's a South African word! or if that is spelt correctly.

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trail of the cats!!!

well made me laff! so u ahve a cat who enjoys the allottments :D lol n walkies thats a new 1 walk the cat!:D
well our cat Fudge follows the girls to teh shops sits outside n waits n runs back with them at the last hurdle he beats them home flying through his cat flap! lol

we use to have another cat Oscar who use to go to 'One Stop' shop errr shopping in the store room n also in teh hairdressers next door to 'one stop' lol

cats do make me laff n I luv em to bits!
where would we be without cats!!!???........ :D

Elaine :D

I met a cat when I decided to walk from Bolton to Rivington with a friend one summers night. Halfway there we were passing under some veeerrry dark trees when we heard a little metallic sound. We thought it must be the parked truck we'd just passed, cooling down fron the day (at three in the morning, not likely) then that we had imagined it then all of a sudden it rubbed against our legs and we shot into the air about fifteen feet! It followed us two more miles and then stopped for a break because although we had set out at midnight we didn't really want to get to Rivington before sun up because it's sooo spooky and then it followed us two more miles up there and then four miles back and then just disppeared. Freaky things, cats

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