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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Things are getting there, aren't they?
Well yesterday was fairly normal.. Dialysis as normal, for me anyway, 2 other incidents occurred in the unit, one guy had a reaction to an IV (intravenous (by injection))) medication, & came out in heat, itching & a rash. So that was dealt with.. Another person decided to crash, so staff rushed about and the guy was tilted with his legs up.. He was fine tho..
Elaine has kindly pointed out to me that the term 'Crash' probably does come from something more serious. that is a Cardiac Arrest (heart attack) I'm not sure that the essential stuff in the unit (& in most wards isn't labeled CRASH) or something, I'm very unsure of that though..

So that was that..
I still can't work out if I'm gaining flesh weight or some fluid,.. probably more of the flesh, as I'm easting like a pig.. Or what my 'dry' weight should be.
Always readers.. I am gonna go and have lunch.

Addition. I've seen a job in Hortic Week for a trainee Hort Journalist. with the Royal Horticultural Society, no less.... I WISH I wasn't on the damn machine 3 times a week


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Hiya Jim yeh although not formally labelled etc the term 'crash trolley' is shortened name for the resusitation trolley, or when someone is having a cardiac arrest etc often asked to call teh 'crash team'.

have good day been shopping :D for easter choc etc :p

Elaine :D

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