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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Food Fun & F
Well I'm starting today with recording each thing I eat each day.. FOr a week hopefully, starting with today.


1 Small bowl of Jordans organic, Muesli, I org. Weetabix.
2 slices of Org wholemeal toast (eventually,.. the toaster broke) with butter & home meade gooseberry jam.
2 small cups of tea. (org)

1 cheese & cucumber sandwich,
1 ham & cheese & gerkin sandwich,
2 fingers of shortbread.,
2 custard creams,
3 coffe bourbons???
1 packet salt & shake crisps (w some salt)
1 Apple (org)
1 cup of tea
Some sitll bottled water.

Roast Chicken (org) with baked potatoe & Sweet Squash., & sweetcorn
Apple juice & water to drink.

Forgot to add.. On Friday I had my first alcohol to drink since August last year..
!!! We had a bit of white wine out with supper..