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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Hmm food yesterday..SUNDAY

Weetabix® for breakfast & organic toast with LURPACK butter..
Tea & water 2 drink..
Lunch.. My brother was here & mum had got some salmon. we had this with roast spuds & butternut squash (again!!) & sweetcorn & rice..
I am not, I have to say a great fan of salmon.. I ate a small piece & then followed my stomach's advice not to eat any more.. Ended up being a rather light lunch..
Dessert. M&S ruit sponge cake.. IT IS.. exceedingly morish.. I also had an orange (naughty).
Tea & Biscuits.. & MORE cake for tea.

Had a few sandwiches, chicken(from previous day) & sweetcorn + pepper as sarny.. Had to eat really before my brother departed.
It's hard to remember what you eat sometimes.