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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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(no subject)
Today seems like its been an eternity. Not huse amounts done but mother has started tidying up.. The back bedroom, bed, has been cleard as has the small (computer room,)

Yesterday was.. AM okish.. I seem to be running about sorting out prescriptions at the moment..
I have iChat up and running again.. YAY.. that means free voice & cam chat:D I hope..

I've also found out that some programs will support my L'espion as a digital camera,.. Good news:D

I got out in the garden a bit.. checked my new buddlia's in pots, they are ready to be planted.. But not sure where yet.. the cuttings can stay in pots the main plant straight in the ground..
Dad has informed me that another Buddlia (A Buddlia is nicknamed also as a Butterfly Bush) as it attracts butterflies when it flowers in the summer. You can usually find them growing on the verges of railways.

Meatballs for supper, w carrots & sweetcorn. & boiled spuds.. Nice.. mostly organic,.. I washed it down with the best part of an ice cold organic lemonade.:)
Which makes me dream/think of a summer party with LOTS of lemonade, lemon slices & loads of ICE!! ANd YOU here:D

Well my bedroom is.. well workable.. from the ground upwards!!!! Stuff on the floor to sort onto the desk or elsewhere
I've decided that I'm gonna go to Sue;s wedding.. I know I don't know her that well but it's sort of family.. & the opportunity to go to a wedding..
I'm gonna confirm it tonight.. AND I shall be attending with someone very special.