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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Quick Update
Off to Whipps Cross.. my haemo dialysis unit shortly..
A quick food update.. Breakfast
1 Weetabix, w milk +suger, bottled water/tea
2 slices toast w butter..

I have confirmed with my brother that,I am going to a wedding of my SIster in laws sister on June 10th.. Gona have to sort out that outfit to look GOOD:D I'm also going with a certain person :D YAY..

Its not really a relation, but my brother's wife's sister.
Otherwise things are OK.. managed to have a brief online chat with a friend I was really concerned about..
Been to chemists to pick up some med's.. Carrying 6 bottles of Calogen® (glass now) is like carrying 6 half pints of milk bleagh..

Didn't pick up Ensure +.. its too heavy.. and its not urgent.

Other than that Things are OK.. Oh.. I got my disabled railcard today..
I was surprised that the letter read.. "25% at Intercontinental Hotels Group (Including Holiday Inn. Express by Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza, & Intercontinental. )
" :D I'm also offered a guide of places Britain's accessible Places to stay.' I can also get 10% off products sold by Enable Enterprises'

Tho not sure I'll be using that.. Not even sure what they do..

More later..