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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Well, its been an, interesting, lovely weekend.. I wouldn't want to change it.. It's certainly given me much food for thought..
Whatever happens, there has been a good degree of reassurance.. & discussion,

I've realised that maybe.. I'm just not old enough in myself. Its the first time I've had a relationship. Or will I ever, grow up.. Or do I want to:p
We (Me & Faye) have so many differences, can we let them outway feelings for each other.. & are we being sensible.. I have a very open mind, but strong feelings about health, food, and then environment & the lifestyle I would like to live with someone..

Maybe I am being cruel, to others, and myself.. But I do want to be myself, and not someone I'm not..

Can the interests outweigh each other..

Anyway... going on to my food blog I kinda missed a couple of days & there were a lot of sandwiches, & snacks:) Scones pasties (remind me NEVER to buy Gregg's Pasties again.. they are 99% SALT!)
We had chicken with Rice & Egg ala Faye, a new dish to me that is plain, but very edible.. I would probably spice/flavour it up myself if I cooked it..
We did The Ultimate Burger..
Hmmm Onion Rings!!

WE also tried out Cafe23. for breakfast on Thursday

I can;t find a review of it on line but it is roughly here:

I had a set menu, Cafe's usually have 'Number 1's number 2's etc.. err not what you're thinking although..

I have no idea if it was Cafe 23 or the reheated chicken I had the day before, but something went straight through me, & I had to go to the loo 4 times!!!! That morning..
I'm gonna blame it on the chicken, but cafe 23 was very nice:D
Sausage, Egg, 2 bacon, 4 thick toast, & beans, all on a very decent size platter.
Faye has pointed out (I don't believe it) That Northern Cafe's are a lot meaner when it comes to servings..
Maybe they are:)

Mind you the worst time I've ever come across is 'salad' as 2 lettuce leaves & a tomato..
Oh and Ploughmans lunch as 2 small slices of bread, 1 slice of cheese and a tiny bit of pickle.. Some places just take the piss..

We've also been on numerous walk.. Flat, not uphill??
North London is in a Valley... How can you not go uphill?
The ODEON cinema was great.. I love the Odeon Muswell Hill Though I don't got there often enough.. Maybe now I have my Oyster card I will.
I'm thinking of going & seeing March of the Penguins on Monday maybe or at least this week.. Thanks Faye for reintroducing me to Cinema.:) Muswell Hill Odeon is a bit of an experience in itself, for any of those interested in architecture (me being the son of one) The Odeon Muswell Hill fascinates me, as its a grade 2* listed building.
An image in the next post on its own..
Ice Age 2 was excellent, story, humour & animation for some characters (the tiger) at its best..