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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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One of those days - Choose & Book
Not sure whether I'm coming or going today,.. I feel very bland.. carrying on as usual but it seems strange after the last week.
Got a copy of my recent blood results.. They wouldn't impress anyone.. They really show that what little kidney function I have is slowly but surely creeping down..
Dialysis went OK,.. achy needle & really haven't had any results from the second swab fro MRSA in my nose... Looking it up briefly its not unusual to find it there.. I have to shove antibiotics cream up every day..

On the other hand I'm still alive.. I live in the most fantastic place with lots of plants & greenery which I love..
I wish I knew more people locally.. I need to look into that..

Will probably go & see March of the Penguins on Monday.. maybe..

on dialysis as usual.. I am hacing back on cheese as I am itching like crazy its working..
Came in from DX ans was hungry.. Had scrambled egg & toast..

Now its time for supper & later watch the vid of Dr Who.. from last week.

I've also signed up on Choose & Book an online booking system for Dr's appts etc.. there are 2 or so other systems around but more on them later..

I really know NOTHING about this one..