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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Arrgh.. An appointment
I shouldn't be at all concerned but I've got a clinic appointment on Tuesday This coming Tuesday I used to have them at the Royal London, but, although I'm still a Royal London Patient, I'm now a Whipps Cross Patient.. Confused.. So am I.. I've got 2 hospital numbers

I'm not sure what will happen, I don't think, and I really hope not, that they will suggest any serious changes. The main thing I'm concerned about is the MRSA positive test to my nose swab.. But from what I can tell its NOT that unusual for ppl to carry it anyway.

I will probably go early to the unit as I want to dump some more wood chippings on the garden site.. It's looking pretty good but it needs plenty of attention. Maybe I care too much about plants.. I can't help it.. I've grown up that way since the age of about 5.
Vicki, who set up the garden, is a star.. People love to sit out on a bench whilst waiting for transport,.. even if they are smoking a ciggi

Coming back to the 'Choose & book' link in my previous post.. Well, I can't make appointments on it there, but I can keep an online record of what I take, & make notes & put medical history and appointments
I can also add contact numbers, addresses etc..
It's a bit like having a private live journal for your health records.. Actually that's not a bad idea LOL
I think you can also set up email reminders for your appointments:

I realised I've got, upstairs.. A copy of my notes from previous days.. All 3.6 kg of them!!
Thats nearly 8 pounds in weight to those of you who are still imperial.
You've got a right to have access to your notes so I made use of it.. I think it took the secretary quite a while to copy it all.

today Was meetballs
spuds, carrots, brocolli