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YPG & Reduced Shakespeare.

Well did I mention.. no I didnt that before I went off to Menorca the YPG had a meeting.. not everyone turned up, but.. with a given & fair election, I've been given the role of Chair.. What does this mean. Not lot, but it means I must responsibly represent the team & the charity. For me it means meetings. On occasion, & paperwork.
The YPG is a small charity that needs support to grow, but it will, considering, that as many good things it was formed over a kitchen table. Despite the tragic death of Sara, the founder of the YPG, the script from which it was formed always makes me laugh.
"Anyone for a sandwich, or, How do you stir it?"

Why have I mentioned Shakespeare in my title well because a laugh is as good as a kick to a blind newt!
The Reduced Shakespeare Company DOES do Shakespeare, but NOT as we know it Jim..
Go & see them, buy the DVD's (get your library to buy the DVD's) Get the T-shirts.. and most of all laugh.. I know some of the cast, & the rest are great.
And the Don't JUST do Shakespeare
Go & see or get, the complete history of America, or The Bible, word of God!!
You won't stop laughing.:) Listen online to some snippets!! NOW..
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