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Where are you from??
sniped without word from Fayet16 from MySpace blogs..

A little about your locality

The local Clocktower then,

And nowish
ClockTower Modern Day
The cloctower is literally the hub of where I live, w 4 roads crossing away from it.
I pas it every day & really its chimes are a part of life round here.
The Town Hall
Not to your taste.. Our now, mostly unused Town Hall is now a grade 2 listed building. Skateboarders love the steps & cobbled area.

Schools, I went to several schools,..
St James's Independent School, in Kensington no longer exists, but the buildings look a little like this Primary School
It was, for some a bit of a nuthouse with reputed scandal & abuse.
I was then off to more private education, with Schools mainly run in church halls!
I left to go on to Fortisemere state school
& the flush pic of their front board is the only thing I could find.
Fortismere College

Myerscough College's logo
Myerscough with a Uni couse at Lancs.

Being into graphics editing I altered it suitably to fit Uni. with a weed leaf.. Will post it when I find it:)


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