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3 weddings & a funeral
Well dear readers, I know none of you read this anyway you scum!! (in an affectionate way)

I've been at my brothers this weekend for his wife's sister's wedding, So now both Janice & Sue (Janice's sister) are married. The third wedding, well a registery anyway.
Lisa & Lindsy! That was a few weeks back.

Wedding was at a Marriot hotel..very nice but with a MAJOR air conditioning problem!! I had to move rooms twice before I could was given one that was not like an oven.
The ceromeny went well, with the bridesmades in purple!!
Food was pretty good althoug too much meat & not enoug fruit & veg. It felt, & I guess it it would to anyone, stange going to a wedding in your own, if you have had a partner before, but it was obvious that, that would not have worked out.! It was fun hanging out with my sister in laws family & my nephew & his mates,.. Tom, if you ever get round to reading this, you really are ace!!

Breakfdast the next day was good, bacon eggs beans.. Why IS it that 2 times in a row I will get bloods done after an event!!

Doing a thurs/Fri then Tue dialysis should work OK,.. I don't feel fantastic, but I don't feel lousy either!
Had a curry, yes Faye & Vikki!! The food of the devil! at my sister in laws parents house. Not my choice (the curry not the location.)

Now.. I just hope I can get the dialysis sorted out for November & august the 5th, in the same way!! I may have to pass on my dotors email adress on to apply a little friendly pressure!!

Gonna have to do lots of sweet talking I think, as they are in a hectic situation..

Popped to the garden centre with my bro to get some pleantts for the hanging baskets..

More later..

(the funderal.. those that know will know!)


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