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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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The Power of Google
Oh my evil news is that Google now recognises my blog entry on the shitehole of fresinUS camden..
Nice eh..
U don't just get the official health authority review, which basically checks for fire hasards & cocroaches!!
I haven't been out today, but well I have done a little work in replying to some emails..
I also sat down & had a chat w mum & dad, about home heamo.. Made a list of the pro's & con's.. I really think this should be about my health as a priority...

Its difficult I think for mum to see my point of view..
The other thing I have on my mind is moving out..
For that I would need an eviction notice from my parents, then local authority would have to provide suitable accommodation..
Maybe thats a dream, or nightmare, but I DO want my own space before I get too old!!!

I love the idea BUT mum & dad are getting on in years & it's really likely they won't be able to cope with it.

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Hi Jim

yeah, I'm just about to move into my own place :) :)

Been living with friends in a shared house for just about ever and am now looking forward to total and utter freedom. Although I will miss them, its time to move on ;)

You could do home haemo on your own maybe? I hope this is possible if I ever need HD, surely all you need is a phone within reach and someone with a spare key?

that last message was from Jen by the way :)

home haemo? & independance

Hiya Jim well unless each unit vaires I was under understanding you HAVE to ahve someone else with you whilst on home haemo incase of emergencies etc..... Whic I think is understandable having seen Rach crash on haemo so many times....

However can appreciate wanting your own independance too. Was best thing I ever did move out to go nurse training age 18 great social life etc. Having just seen UWE Uni of Bristol Rach is wanting a taste of soem independance at uni poss when she goes nxt yr!:D

best wishes Elaine Rach & family.

ps thanx for postcard!

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