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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Phone on again, kites & camden
Just another boring entry to say the phone was on again.. Didn't got kiting again today, really no wind,,
Did I say I went kiting,.. no I didn't well I did.. Dad came with me,.. I do need, I think a kiting partner, as dad's not that young any more, & isn't quite as fanatic as I am.. Enjoyed it REALLY enoyed it, got pulled over in a gust once & have stained my jean's knees a yellow green!!

Only a small kite,/1.5M but with 4 lines it was a bit out of control ,
As I have 2 of em gonna convert 1 to 2 line & next time I go kiting bring some of the stacks..

2 enlighten you the 1.5 I am referring to is one of these!

I wish I've kept a little devil, but don't think I did.. Next time I should know to put more than 1 kite in the back of the car..

I'm getting a headache watched How to Get a head in Advertising on the PC..
great I think if you have a 20 inch screen..

I still feel shitty.. tried to get hold of the senior nurse at the unit , but didn't, she was out to lunch.! No return call, the person I spoke to asked how Camden was I said I didn't really want to use the words to her on the phone.
A bit longer there, tho I've refused to sign the consent form I that I accepted treatment.