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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Well as I haven't been kiting for ages, so my muscles paid the price afterwards,
Muscles ached like crazy.. just need to do it more often!

Well oh Camden yeah that hole of hell! they call a dialysis unit
Silly nurse put the bag that had my iPod headphones in it in the clinical waste !! I thought it must be in my rucksack called them, & they messed about. Told them I'd give em the bill for new ones..
Few minutes later they rang back & said they'd found them..
I really don't like the Camden unit.. Fresenius should take a good kicking for slack design!
Knackered.. got home, ate, sat down to watch Madagascar on DVD.. Not sure who gave it to me possibly after I came out of hosp. My apologies, I don';t remember.
Anyway unpacked it, not the greatest animated film but quite funny!
passes some time.!
Well reading other ppls blogs I thought i better update..
By for now