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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A letter from an NHS Manager - why the fuck do we pay tax?
This is Cut, Don't read the lot if you can't cope with English!

This is a that was handed to me by a staff member from my unit. I had been asked to dialyse there, told I had no choice & that if I didn't another acute patient would die. Acceptable but I never said Oh Yes I will

Dear No name, can't be for me.
Re: transfer of treatment to Fresenius Camden.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for agreeing to transfer over to Fresenius to receive your dialysis.
This will only be a temporary measure as we are experiencing some capacity measures. I think you will like it at Fresinius, it is a good unit with lots of space & you should be comfortable there.

I was blackmailed into going against the death of another patient!
Its a fucking converted warehouse you stupid BASTARD, & NO I am NOT fucking comfortable there, it's be better off as a whorehouse or chain club! It's got the fucking pillars! Fresinius ppl your designers need a good boot to the head.

If you have any concerns about receiving treatment a this unit please speak to either the senior nurse at your former unit or you consultant who will be happy to discuss any issues with you. Alternatively you can always contact me on the phone number listed above

Do I want to talk to the motherfucker! Well I might as well give him a call!

Attached are some directions to the fresinius unit
Nope there are NOT If you are getting London Underground it is about a 5-10-minute walk frim the station (though all those nice traffic fumes, great for those with heart probs!)
If you are getting dropped off, there is temporary car parking just outside the entrance, but I must stress this is only a drop off area.
Fresenius do have a couple of parking spaces & I will need prior notification is you have any plans on using them

I did notify you you useless piece or excrement! You contradict yourself, one minute it's temporary parking! The next minute its a drop off area! MAKE YOUR FUCKING MIND UP ASSHOLE

Thank you for your co-operation

Yours Sincerely,
Sincerely my ass, you'd get a job with the labour party mate!

Dominic (Asshole) Clarke
Renal Services Manager
Barts & the London NHS Trust.

Trust!! I wouldn't trust this guy if I had a bargepole converted into a flamethrower.

Let there be a curse upon him!

Now I wouldn't be so fucked of if it wasn't for twisted paperwork of this dickehead pratt of a manager. Its the fact he has the cheek to say I agreed!