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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Awake & Dreaming!
Well 00:45 on a sunday morning, & I can't sleep,.. wish I had a fast computer so I could play games on it, but most of the stuff on the CD's I get w my comp magazine needs googols of memory.

Of for the Joy of a top of the Range Mac G5 with all the trimmings! Flastscreen, Remote keyboard & mouse & plugged into my HiFi & TV!

OK I admit I'm a confirmed Apple Mac geek!

The Finder
Isn't he cute

Apple Rainbow

Modern Apple, now isn't that hot!

& you got to admit that's sexy!

More than I will probably be able to afford in a lifetime!
Still as they say, grants are available, if you look!
I reaslly want cable TV, or sky, or some other crap, or even a new TV.. My old one is, I think, falling apart, mum complains that she gets radiation of it if I put it on at night or in the morning!
The sound is dodgy & at the moment I can't get it to go to ITV!!