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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Did a little shopping today, found some suitable boxers in wood green (the shorts not the dogs!!)
Also a silk tie for £2.. Boxer shorts are from Bulgaria, or is it the socks,of which I got a few pairs, hardly ethical.. :(.. I'm not sure what's happened to me!
I've also been looking at the Mac;s in John Lewis & the Apple centre, trying to get a rough idea of how much stuff will cost.

Also looked at the Freeview didgi boxes.. I'm considering getting a new

Picked up a couple of kites in the gift area, alleged to be mini parafoils.. I will be returning them if they are sled kites when I open them

Pizza for supper.

Hmm Hmm

I have a problem...

This will sound trivial & stupid, but when I lost my memory last year, I forgot how to tie my shoelaces..
Now I've relearnt to do that, I realised I can't yet tie a tie!!