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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Reading Back

Reading Back
I did not mean,
to hurt you,
I did not know
what I did,
was a stab in the back,
To you, I did not know.
It was just work, using, misinterpreting
what was before me,
That's why I don't know why
I hurt you, I do understand, why you were hurt,
By unintentional action,
The cold words, of cyberspace, the email, the wire of the phone,
Struck us both, the cold blade
Can you forgive me, as I ask forgiveness?
Or must I bear the guilt, for both of us.
I beg of you, in my strength of humbleness.
Not the cowards way, for I do not shed blame, for the pain.
I beg of you, things change, DID change, can change,
but only if we forgive together, we can ease this pain.

OK a crap poem, but I had to get it out, even at this time of the morning.