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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Another day wasted
Wasted, & I do mean wasted, all I've done today is dialyse, eat, sleep, dialyse.
Watch TV & send a few emails..

Not, really a lot, ..

3 needles, yes 3 today as the A fucked up..
Silly nurse was reluctant to take one out in case of bleeding.. I stop after about 8 minutes whats the problem.
So my A site is fucked up more than it should be!
Did I mention that the air conditioning works, overtime.. A bit like dialysing in a cold warehouse for meat storage!
The unit is still as crappy as last time, but oh miracle of miracles, we got given some IV iron!!
Bit ******* late now ppl. Good god do you think we may even get some bloods taken next week! No point doing em on a Saturday!
Some discussion in the unit about Mango's!! Go figure, apparently now is a good time for mango.

Got home
Sandwiches, sleep.. I was too trashed to do anything after not sleeping last night.
Woke up a little refreshed in time for tea,..
More time online, then off.. Watched part of a Harry Potter video, I have been inspired to by a box set (Adult version) & audiobook from Tesco's (bleagh) After the author appeared on Richard & Judy.. Yes I admit I sat down to watch Richard & Judy w mum.. but only cos of that particular topic.
Supper, chicken, red rice, peas,
Lemon Tart (actually lemon curd tart)
Off for a bit more of that film..
I really want to get cable or digital, looks like tho I may have to go for a sky dish.
If we go digital we will need a new aerial as the old one just doesn't cover!