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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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New TV A little out & about
Went to Brent Cross today looked around a fair bit then decided on a Toshiba TV..
not built in Freeview & DVD.. I didn't like the sideways design of the DVD.. Apple can get away with it, but their designs are much superior.
Didn't get a freeview or digital TV.. I can get separate settings for that.. The TV is OK, just that our signal is too weak, that I can't tune it in!!!
So its really sky, a new aerial & freeview/digital, or cable..
I think cable is the best option. But sky may be easier/cheaper...

Jake came round this afternoon to help me install the TV.. despite the fact it won't tune!!
It does have the option of being used as a monitor, handy if I get the laptop..
I am tempted to get something, if I can in the way of a new desktop, tho the laptop should suffice...Also exceedingly pricey if you go the full monty.

We then went out for a meal, suggestion & courtesy of mum, at Arocaria
Pork chop. w rice, salad, followed by THE Cheesecake..
Bit of fruit, I had a half lager & some water..

Another 6 am torture tomorrow..

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Hmm .. am thinking we may have to try out Arocaria simply for this Cheesecake :p

Did we ever get to Arocaria for the cheesecake??
Didn't did we..
gonna have to reserve a space on the outdoor terrace, weather permitting :D
LOL Should have seen Jake's face when he took the first bite
"I got a taste of paradise,
It's all I really need to make me stay"

Nope .. never made it! So we'll have to try and make the effort this time ;)

Still up for Garfield 2???

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