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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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dialysys & 3 films..
Well the cheesecake in the previous post seemed to get attention
It's not of course just ordinary cheesecake.
It's the finest light crust base, thick, rich & tasty soft creamy filling, topped with a glazed layer of fruit, I think black-current maybe or raspberry strawberry


Jake is gonna come round tomorrow morning to help w a bit of weeding, before it gets too hot hopefully..

Dialysis as usual, maybe due to the heat, it didn't seem so cold in the unit this morning.. the aircon was actually useful for once. did my 3.5 hours, came off, one of the other patients had REAL bad cramp today.. very painful for him & god did he scream!
Came home.. drove past the organic food market & really thought we ought to stop on occasion.
Had lunch..
sandwiches & lemon custard tart!

Watched 3 yes three films whilst the footy was on the other channels..
SOrry guys, you tried hard, but we didn't make it.. :(

Lovebug, Freaky Friday, & then after supper The Hound Of the Baskarvilles

Got to be a record really.. some people letting off fireworks.. I guess they may be celebrating something!
I know the 4th is gonna be a big day for any americans.. well those who celebrate.

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some people letting off fireworks.. I guess they may be celebrating something

Probably Andrew Murray getting through to the 4th round in Wimbledon ;)

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